In what used to be the animal stable, you will find 31 charming and unique hotel rooms decorated in respect for the characteristics and charm of the single room.

The stalls on the ground floor as well as the hayloft on the first floor have been turned into hotel rooms. When entering the old stable, you immediately feel the original farm life atmosphere, and the wooden beams gives you a hint of what the stable used to look like. In some of the rooms, we have kept the original lofts, giving these rooms and extra floor with extra room for e.g. the children.

Animal stable in function up until 2000
Up until the year 2000, the stable has housed cows, pigs and horses. However, in 2004 the building went through a major renovation turning the stable into the hotel rooms we see today. From the outside, the stable, however, still looks the same: The old, whitewashed wing building with the original windows and door and the old romantic lamps.