With Mads Friis at the helm, Benniksgaard has continually evolved with the goal of providing a foundation for beautiful, relaxing experiences in the unique nature of Southern Jutland. In 1997, the agricultural land was transformed into a golf course and in 2000 the first 11 hotel rooms were added when the Old Barn was renovated.

Since then, the Farmhouse has also transformed into elegant hotel rooms, and today Benniksgaard Hotel consists of 69 bedrooms across two separate buildings, the Holiday Apartments and Benniksgaard Bed & Breakfast.

We have converted the old machine sheds and granary to a restaurant, with the original grain chambers still a feature. We have built impressive meeting and conference rooms with a connected conference lounge area. The old grain storage barn that, up until recently, housed agricultural machinery, is now the Benniksgaard Golf Clubhouse.

The most recent change was in the spring of 2016. Now Benniksgaard has its own Farm Shop, which, in conjunction with the hotel’s kitchen and restaurants, offers traditional, fresh and locally sourced Southern Jutland food experiences.

From Historical Farmery to Country & Seaside Hotel
After Mads Friis took over, Benniksgaard has gone through an exciting transition period towards the goal of becoming a Country and Seaside Hotel, in the midst of the South Jutland meadow. In 1997, the surrounding fields were turned into golf courses, and in 2000, the hotel first saw light of day when the old animal stable was turned into guest rooms.

Since then, the romantic farmhouse has become hotel rooms as well, and today, Benniksgaard Hotel consists in total of 69 guest rooms when also counting the separate buildings: the Luxury Apartments and Benniksgaard Bed & Breakfast.

The old coach house today features one of our two hotel restaurants, and the granaries have been turned into conference rooms. Moreover, in the old barn, which used to house grains as well as machines, Benniksgaard Golf Club now resides.

The most recent renovation or expansion took place in May 2016 where Benniksgaard's own, local farm shop opened, collaborating with the two hotel restaurants in offering traditional and local food experiences.